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JP Oils

Used Oil Collection

We offer a compliant collection service which is both reliable and efficient. Collecting vegetable oils and fats as well as fats from meat cooking. Whilst ensuring your restaurant or food business is fully compliant with environmental legislation.

Fresh Cooking Oil Products

We can supply our own fresh vegetable and KTC Rapeseed oils in 20 litre containers.

Recycling cooking oil

Waste oil should be free of water and food waste to ensure efficient recycling into bio-diesel, which compared to mineral diesel produces 80% less greenhouse gas emissions.


As part of any catering business if you produce waste cooking oil you must ensure it is stored properly and it is collected by an authorised collector who holds a waste carriers licence.

Waste cooking oil MUST NOT be poured down drains or sewers as this causes polluted watercourses endangering wildlife as well as bad smells, blocked pipes and vermin problems, you may also face prosecution - so let us help you. To speak to one of our friendly staff on 07778 922730.